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The Rulebook is Changing: Millennials, AI and the Economy of Zero Marginal Cost

Aktualisiert: 21. Juni 2023

Jeremy Rifkin, in his conceptualization of economic evolution, presents us with an idea that we are in the midst of a 'Third Industrial Revolution'. The standout feature of this revolution is a new economy, where the additional cost of producing more goods or services is practically zero, thanks to digital technology.

Who does this affect the most? The millennials. These are the individuals who have grown up during the rise of this zero-cost economy, leading to a significant shift in their values compared to previous generations. They've moved away from the traditional mindset of ownership and instead value the freedom of access. Power for millennials lies in the ability to network and participate in the shared economy. In this new societal framework, being disconnected is the same as being invisible.

However, this shift hasn't been without its challenges. Millennials, navigating the changing tides, have been hit hardest by the economic instability that this new era brings. In order to survive, they've had to adapt and learn the new rules of the game.

From the outside, older generations tend to see millennials as failing to grasp the 'rules of the game'. But the reality is that millennials understand the game better than most. They've recognized that the game itself is changing.

The introduction of AI pushes this change further. Now, even the costs of producing knowledge and content have become scalable, affecting both the distribution and creation aspects.

AI has opened the floodgates for content creation, allowing anyone and everyone to participate in ways we couldn't have imagined before. While this has brought many benefits, it also presents a significant challenge: how do we separate quality content from the noise in this flood of AI-generated material? It places a greater emphasis on the need for skills such as digital literacy and critical thinking.

The world is in the throes of the Third Industrial Revolution. We're not just learning new rules; we're playing an entirely new game. And in this game, millennials are in their element. They're leading us into a future where sharing, participation, and collaboration are the keys to success.

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