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AI Harmonics: Dancing with the Eloquent Intern in the Age of Mansplaining Machines

Today, the AI tool hype is everywhere, seeping into news headlines, sprouting like fungi across my LinkedIn feed, and flickering at me each time I open my inbox. It's an intriguing

occurrence. The next productivity leaps, ground-breaking transformations, societal disruptions — all appear to be just around the corner but remain tantalizingly out of reach.

Joining the choir of doomsayers, a fresh narrative is taking hold — the idea that AI can and ultimately will supersede all human roles in the workforce.

This concept, whether you find it appealing or daunting, reverberates across news headlines, permeates social media feeds, and flashes with a certain ominous quality every time an email alert pops up.

The best two characterizations of ChatGPT that I've come across so far are: "mansplaining as a service" and "an eager and articulate intern who hasn't yet addressed his compulsion to please in therapy". They both provide a fitting description of how I've experienced AI up until now.

Just like dealing with mansplainers (interrupting is easy here: simply press the "stop generating" button) — always challenge their assertions. As for overly ambitious interns: they can certainly simplify your life, even handle parts of your job, but without clear instructions and guidance, they'll fall short. It's time for a do-over.

The best advice for the road ahead probably comes from the 80s music legend, White Lion. When he sang 'It Does Not Come Easy', he was referring to love. The same could be said for AI. Despite the hurdles, it's still worth it in the end.

With love, Stephanie

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