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Million Dollar Weekend: The Surprisingly Simple Way to Launch a 7-Figure Business in 48 Hours



In "Million Dollar Weekend," Noah Kagan, the entrepreneur behind, shares his expertise on launching successful businesses quickly, having personally launched several that have reached or exceeded the million-dollar mark. The book arrives at a time when entrepreneurship is more accessible and needed than ever, presenting an opportunity for those disillusioned with the traditional employment model to forge their own path.

Kagan addresses the common hurdles that aspiring entrepreneurs face, from the fear of taking risks to the distractions of minor details like websites and logos without securing any customers. He proposes a straightforward, actionable plan that can be executed over a weekend. This plan involves finding the courage to start, engaging customers directly to validate your business idea, and setting up systems to allow the business to grow autonomously.

By the end of the process, readers are equipped with a scalable business idea that has been tested in the market, setting them on the path to financial independence and fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams. The book is a call to action for those seeking to escape the dissatisfaction of day jobs and enter the rewarding world of business ownership.

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