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Stephanie Wissmann


For enterprises looking for fresh and new perspectives  BEYOND THE OBVIOUS.


I work as a RESEARCHER and ENTREPRENEUR IN RESIDENCE at the University of federal army, as a LECTURER at Munich Business School and Digital Business University in Berlin, as Vice President Digital and Growth (and culture) at tyntec. I am CMO at the spacetechaccelerator SpaceFounders, Co-founder of Let´s Dine, DIGITALinnit and founder of stepaniniworklabinnovation and Bibliothek der Gefühle.

My projects are focussed on exploring innovation and entrepreneurship in all its forms (be it hybrid or public), on how this affects possible futures of work and how growth (be it professional or business) is pursued.


In my role as CMO at SpaceFounders, the first European spacetech accelerator launched in Spring 2021, I'm tasked with building up the community and forming strategic partnerships. My aim is to make SpaceFounders stand out among the multitude of existing accelerator programs. Succeeded so far.

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"Let's Dance" is the name of a successful TV show. We support the call to dance. One should dance a lot. One should also eat very well. With strangers, smart, interesting people. At special places. That is then more than just a good meal. That is almost art. Or something in between.

That's why there is "Let's Dine." Let's have a delicious time.


It has a little sister: Le salon.


The Space Leaders Society is a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders focused on shaping the emerging space industry. Through connecting space with art, philosophy and business, we aim to apply the Overview Effect to create a more connected and inspired world.

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stepanini is a lifestyle blog. The woman magazine "myself" once called it "slow media" at its best. Nothing more to add. 

It started as a fun project out of curiosity over 15 years ago and is still dear to my hear. Courage is always rewarded.

Demetrio Migliorati

Director & Head of Innovation at Banco Mediolanum, Co-Founder atFoolFarm & Contract Professor at Ca' Foscari & Cattolica Universities

“Stephanie is extremely creative, committed and dedicated to her mission: innovate. She often surprises people with her out of the box thinking and unconventional ways to address issues. Stephanie has kindness and positiveness in each act. Working and collaborating with Stephanie is simply beautiful."

Jochen Werne

  1st degree connection1st

Chief Development & Chief Visionary Officer at Prosegur Germany and Managing Director at Prosegur Crypto GmbH

"Working with Stephanie on innovation projects is a great pleasure. She is inspiring, challenging, motivating and result oriented. She helped us becoming a driver for innovation and the banking industry."

Sabine Delorme

  1st degree connection1st

Head of People & Culture Valtech Germany

“Stephanie is great at looking at complex cross-functional projects and quickly detects and resolves inefficiencies, weak points and communication problems. She is very perceptive and has an amazing ability to assess people’s motivation and ability to collaborate with each other.

I see her as a thought leader in Executive Leadership, Digitalization and New Ways of Working and will always think of her as doing leading edge work.”

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


Susan Sontag said, "I write to find out what I think." I follow her example.

Included in all my projects and across my work are elements of books and beauty, aesthetics and intelligence, warmth and competence. Call it what you will, but it's distinct from what you typically encounter. It goes beyond the obvious. It is a bit avantgarde and surprising.


SLASH WORK at heart.


And if you're unsure about what this is or why it could be the future of work, feel free to ping me.

Spoiler: Better a bird in the hand..

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